Users are seperated into four groups depending on their ranking. The better the ranking, the more control you have.
As you move up the ranks your prefix in chat will change. They are as follows:

[A] - Founder: They founded the land and so control it. We do as we please.

[/] - Pioneer: Residents of Kismet...

[-] - Pilgrim: New to the server, then you have to prove yourself before you can participate. Pilgrims can't build anything.


PlayerHeads: Players and mobs drop heads upon death
SimpleSpleefEvolution: A simple spleef plugin
Mob Arena: fight waves of mobs minigame
uSkyBlock: A simple sky block challenge
SignColours: Add coloured text to signs
Jail: Places to put naughty people
Gringotts: Economy based on emeralds
Quickshop: Create shops from chests
Otherdrops: Make anything drop anything else
Buycraft: Purchase account upgrades in game
NoPortals: Stops people creating portals
NoCheatPlus: Anti-hacker plugin
XrayInformer: Protect against xrayers
GroupManager: Permissions manager for bukkit
Vault: Permissions, Chat and Economy API
Minereset: Auto filling mine
LogBlock: Block logging
Prism: More block logging
pTweaks: Server lag reducer
JSONAPI: Allow the webserver to talk to the minecraft server
McCurl: Allow the minecraft server to talk to the webserver
GoinRound: Teleport loop through players
VanishNoPacket: Better /vanish plugin
MuteManager: Easy way to mute players and manage mutes
WorldEdit: FOUNDERS ONLY - edit the world
WorldGuard: protect areas of land
WorldGuard custom flags: API for worldguard
WorldGuard enderperl flag: Enable/disable enderperls
WorldGuard fly flag: Enable/disable flying
WorldBorder: Cannot go outside map
Multiverse: Create and manage multiple worlds
Multiverse Portals: Create portals between worlds
MyHome: set your /home by using a bed (otherwise uskyblock takes over!)
TagAPI: Nametag API
SimpleReserve: Reserve slots for specific groups
CraftBukkitUpToDate: Keep your Server/Plugins up to date
Dynmap: Real-time Minecraft maps, like Google Maps, of this server
Essentials (+ extras): Core set of commands for bukkit
BukkitCompat: McMyAdmin compatability plugin