No Griefing: we will instantly ban you. No if's, No buts

No Spamming: you will be muted

ALL CAPS: you will be muted

No Constant Cursing: same as above

No Cheating (fly hacks, xray, speed hacks etc.): another instant ban

No Asking for OP/Ranks: kicked, then jailed, then banned

Respect all Players: this is obvious... punishment on a case by case basis

Obey the Staff: we are the law

No Stealing: serve jail time

Respect Others Builds: anything from warn to ban

No breaking the entrance for new players: ban

Eccessive Lag Causing Redstone: warn, jail, ban

These rules are subject to change and must be obayed to make the game more enjoyable for everyone...
We would prefer to have no rules and are quite leniant (with some exceptions)
Most importantly of all is to have fun.